Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Excellent NYT story on jobless

This exercise in job hunting in midlife is for the birds. Half the time, the contact people never send you a "You suck. We picked somebody else" letter. So you get stuck in this wallflower limbo and continue feverishly throwing resumes and snappy cover letters out the window in hopes someone thinks you worthy of an interview.
So imagine my surprise to see a story from the NY Times, who are also doing the desk do-si-do with offering buyouts to long-time, high priced employees. Hey, I thought, people are actually as depressed as I am. And yes, the language does change after you tell someone you lost your job or run into someone you use to work with and you want to ask how they're doing but you feel uncomfortable asking for fear they have a job now and you're still a schmuck.
So here's a cautionary tale: don't let this happen to you...

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