Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary: Making history takes time

Let me start by saying that being an unemployed journalist has given me a longed-for political freedom. I am one of those weirdos who doesn't believe journos should be directly involved with political contests. That being said, one of my first acts of employment liberation was to donate $50 to Sen. Obama's campaign. Yeah, I said it. Took me a while to come around. My now ex-coworkers were on his wagon before I was but I had to vet the brother out.
All this to say that, in spite of my favoritism, I very much want people to get off Hillary's cheeks about getting out of the race. Yes, the numbers are stacked against her. Yes, Frosty's almost down to his last snowball. But I think people need to back up, regroup and contemplate on the historical air in all of this.
I'm typing as loud as I can but I know she can't hear me: go the distance, girl. Yeah, you'll be incredibly in the red, campaign-wise, but every woman and girl who supports your program is running right along with you like your dreams are tied to theirs. You owe it to them to complete the journey.
Just turn it into a nationwide tour on the power of women. Tell them to never give up on what they want and to hold on to the audacity of hope. Oh wait, that's Obama's phrase. No, finishing this is like crossing the line at a marathon when everybody's gone home. Do it because you're supposed to. This ain't like the Barbie doll who said "math is hard."
Do the damn thang. Don't get ragged and bloody with this toward the end of the season. Just see it to the end with grace and style and courage so the next woman who runs for president won't cower when things get thick and dicey. Leave a graceful, proven path so she'll know how to mix it up with the men and still have flawless skin.
You owe it to the future, Hillary, not to the past.

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Jill said...

What a great post. Sheesh - you said what so many of us feel. I'm kind of glad you aren't attached to an outlet so you can donate and tell us this! But I get the thing about wanting/needing the work. :) Thanks for blogging.