Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome to my world

There are times when my brain screams me awake or won't even let me sleep because of a mental errand I forgot to run to its conclusion. For this and a few others reasons I'll unveil over time, I finally decided to create this blog.
To the friends and family that have read my screeds over the years and said "gurl, you need to put these thoughts somewhere," this is for you.
And although it seems odd to have the wedding before the engagement, I plan to be wedded to this blog and look forward to "engaging" my readers as I dissect my life and our world.


Villager said...

Welcome to the afrosphere young sista!

peace, Villager

Jill said...

Welcome! I came here via Professor Kim Pearson's blog but I'm not too far away in Cleveland. Toledo has a lot of bloggers!

Have fun! (sorry for all the exclamations - I get a little excited sometimes)