Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Game, set, match

This has to have been the world's longest political tennis match between Barack and Hillary. And just when it seemed like we'd have to go to a tiebreaker, John Edwards hands Barack a baseball bat to hit the ball out of the park.
For those not keeping score, Edwards got 7 percent of the West Virginia vote, meaning some people still support him. While I had been channelling Obama's people to persuade Colin Powell to be his running mate, John Edwards is the antidote for what's been ailing the Democratic Party.
And I feel so much better, even though my "don't trust anybody" voice is wondering how much is concerted effort and how much is hold-back-until-Obama-has-a-really-bad-primary.
In anyway, if Edwards becomes the VP pick, it is strategic genius. This is as good as the day Caroline Kennedy's words popped up in the New York Times.
And it is strategic genius to announce today that the two candidates would pool their money to create a presidential kitty for the campaign.
I gotta go cut down my nails 'cause the real fight for the White House begins now.

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