Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy hour remembered

In spite of the ferocious arguments I've heard about ending Daylight Saving Time permanently, experiencing it in my youth makes it an important touchstone of my college years.

I fondly remember the intricate fashion and libation planning for the parties planned specifically on the Saturday night/Sunday mornings in Octobers through the years that allowed college kids an extra hour to "party hearty." Whether it was at Swayne Hall or the Student Union or a random frat house in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio, a great shout went up among the revelers when the loudspeaker's countdown hit two o'clock and we roared "Back to 1! Heyyyyyy!!!"

Fast forward to today, I am grateful for the automatic time change on my cell phone so I can sleep through the time flip ceremony. I do still have to continue the ritual for the clocks in my car, stove and microwave. And I still yell out "back to 1!"

I will say, however, I am not looking forward to the almost nonstop darkness: waking to darkness, driving in darkness and shortened weekends because I'll spend more time indoors. But that too shall pass...

Yes, sometimes the little things mean a lot, even the tedious procedure of resetting a clock by someone who hears the ticking louder than most as she twirls through her golden years.

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