Thursday, November 3, 2016

The cleansing power of presidential sunshine

Sometimes, I get criticized for finding the good in the worst of life on this planet.
Like with the election.
If Hillary Clinton can endure running for office backwards and in heels with almost every man in her life throwing word grenades at her every damn day, she deserves to be president. Foreign leaders don't stand a chance against this battle-tested sister.
Yeah, she lies. We. All. Do. All women lie when we want to put on a good face. Men lie when they want to hide their true face. Yet I actually want a president who can lie with conviction as long as her actions back up the truth of the situation.
She has yet to be shown to be unfaithful but is inextricably tied to the men around her who have. They have the fun and she gets the blame. What the...
And yet, we get to see what bravery and perseverance and badass in a pantsuit look like. And I am here for all of it.
In this election season, we also get to see the seams of the fabric of racism, the smothering tapestry of hate laid bare in the disinfectant power of sunshine. Prejudice has been comfortable feeding off itself in the dank hollows of the heart of some intolerants but now flows free in the streets and on the airwaves. And we now get to see where and who it comes from and those of us who disagree will remember. Even those who refused to acknowledge that racism even exists have been forced to see it with fresh eyes and look away in shame.
I pray the change of heart continues and that love truly trumps hate.

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