Monday, November 7, 2016

One more dream

Every once in a while, I like to do something pull a dream out of my basket and pull it into more than a notion.

Almost 25 years ago, I received my bachelor's degree after many long nights of studying preceded by long days of full-time work. After I received the good fortune of gaining employment at Washington University in St. Louis, I began the work of completing my studies begun at the University of Toledo. And I did it, part-time, in four years, so my children would see what determination looked like.

It took another five years before my next dream was realized: using my gift of writing with the guidance of admired journalists. I followed their footsteps and eventually wrote for three of the most respected newspapers in the country. I moved three times to three different cities to again turn a dream into reality. I got to tell the stories of people both famous and forgotten and it was an honor.

My latest dream is a full-circle venture. While many kids ran and climbed and rode bikes and swam and got into all kinds of mischief, my mother frequently found me on the front porch with my sisters' dolls lined up in my imaginary schoolhouse. She was sure I'd grow up to be a teacher.

After living my life doing everything but living my life, I applied this week to be considered for a real job. As an adjunct instructor in speech and communications, I can combine my life experience and professional experience and a basket of blessings into a level of service that will benefit my community and myself.

So this may be a logical step on the path that is my life or it may indeed be a certifiably insane leap for a woman in the sunset of her life. But I always thought my mother gave me a unique name to set me aside from the normal, to do things not in order but in due time and do them well.

I'll let you know how this dream ends....

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Parul said...

We all should work towards our dreams for they make us who we are. :) I am glad you are pursuing yours and I am mine. The dream of writing on my blog and spreading some cheer.